The Ultimate Martial Arts Board

The Ultimate Martial Arts Board
Over 100 million breaks since 1998
More consistent than wood
Color-coded in seven strengths
Stackable for power breaking
Rounded edges, rubber backed
Safer and less costly than wood
Help save trees around the world
3 package levels available
Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Ultimate Martial Arts Board design is similar to the size and feel of a real wooden board. It is constructed of super tough nylon to provide unbeatable strength and durability. Each board consists of two identical halves that snap together easily with our unique, patented hinge. Rubber padding on the back side enhances the grip and comfort for the individual holding the board. The Ultimate Martial Arts Board will provide thousands of consistent breaks, no matter what your level of expertise!

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Breaking Strengths Explained

First up, let’s get on the same page. Our Green Board is the equivalent of a regular 12x12x1 standard wood board.
If you cut that in half, you’d have 12x6x1, approximately half the difficulty of a full-size standard wood board.
If you cut that in half, you’d have a 12x3x1 strip of wood, approximately a quarter difficulty.

WHITE BOARD = ¼ of a standard wood board
YELLOW BOARD = ½ of a standard wood board
ORANGE BOARD = ¾ of a standard wood board
GREEN BOARD = 1 Standard wood board
BLUE BOARD = 1 ½ Standard wood boards
BROWN BOARD = 2 Standard wood boards
BLACK BOARD = 2 ½ Standard wood boards

Turning 7 Boards into 13

How to turn 7 boards into 13 breaking strengths.

Just in case you didn’t know, you can create 13 incremental breaking strengths using the 7 solid colors to step your way up to success. Here’s how it works. Pair an orange half with a green half, for instance, boom – you got a perfectly calibrated intermediate level between colors to bring your students along at their pace. Match one adjacent color in either direction to create a safe difficulty level for every student.

(Don’t skip colors. Bad juju. For instance don’t pair a green half with a black half. Nope.)

The Gorilla Board Holder

The Collapsable 5-in-1 Board Holder
Weighs only 10 lbs
Safe and easy to use
Practice with or without a partner
Height adjustable; 1-6 feet
Use wall -mounted or hand-held
Strong enough for power breaking
Comes with instructional DVD
FREE Carry Bag & Safety Pad
No more kicked fingers

The Ultimate Martial Arts Board Holder can be Wall-mounted, pole-mounted, on a bag, on the floor or hand-held… There’s never been anything like it! Developed with the support of a government research team, this innovative system is perfect for training, demonstrations and competitions.

Made from high-impact plastic, this amazing 5-in-1 machine allows you to train on your own, with help from friends or family, or in conventional classroom scenarios. Use it virtually anywhere to help improve technique, generate more power and gain focus.

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MA Toolz Bolder

MA Toolz Bolder
Protects Board Holder's Fingers
Provides Safety for Board Holder
Great for Accuracy Training
Great for Speed Breaking
Great for Demonstration
Light weight
Tough & durable
Built for Ultimate Martial Arts Boards

Finally a new product that gives confidence and security to the Martial Artist when breaking or holding boards for practice, demonstration, testing etc.

The patented Bolder was designed to protect the fingers of the person holding the board and also to eliminate the hesitation of the person striking the board for fear they will kick or strike the fingers of the board holder.

The Bolder like so many board holders does not get mounted to a wall or heavy bag so it can be taken out on the floor, to the park or anywhere to break boards. The Bolder is light but very durable.

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Protects Board Holder's Fingers
Protects board-holder's fingers
High performance quality
Strong & Durable
Works in hot and cold weather
Flexes on impact
Cushions effect to striker
Shields fingers from punches

FingerArmoris an innovative new way to protect the board-holder’s fingers from punches and kicks that don’t always land where they’re aimed. Made from Santoprene® – a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer compound, resilient like natural rubber, with an excellent durability and product life in both hot and cold environments. This material allows FingerArmor to flex on impact, providing a cushioning effect to the striker, yet retaining sufficient firmness to shield the holder’s fingers from the blow.

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