It is surprising how much pain can arise from something as simple as an ingrown toenail.  Shoe pressure can irritate it and if you bump the toe or your dog steps on it just right, the pain level can skyrocket.  If you have them, you can probably blame one of your parents for the condition.  Although improper nail trimming, tight shoes, and other causes do occur, the most common cause is heredity.

If left untreated they sometimes lead to infection.  If you see swelling, bright redness to the skin and purulent drainage, that’s probably the case.  Soaking in Epsom salts and/or using a topical antibiotic ointment can sometimes help temporarily. The old wives’ tales of stuffing cotton under the nail or cutting a notch in the middle of the nail rarely work. It’s time to call you favorite podiatrist to get an evaluation.  You may need antibiotics, partial nail removal, or both.

Many people don’t realize that we have permanent solutions to alleviate ingrown nails. An office based procedure called a matrixectomy is performed to cauterize the root of the nail.  It takes a few weeks to heal afterwards, but there is often minimal pain during the recovery.  The long term rewards of a pain free toe are well worth it.  So, stop doing bathroom surgery on your ingrown toenail and give us a call for a better solution.  Depending on the severity of the nail problem, we can remove one edge, both edges, or sometimes the entire nail if it is really deformed.

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